Auto Lighting

      In recent years, with the vigorous development of new energy vehicles and unmanned vehicles, the Internet of Vehicles intelligent safety car lights have become the vane of the development of the domestic and foreign automotive lighting industry. Intelligent safety car lights can sense the changes in the surrounding environment, adjust the light type, brightness, status feedback and information networking of the lights in time, and install a pair of brilliant eyes for safe driving!

      In 2020, Leiteng will closely follow the development trend of the times and develop intelligent photoelectric technology for in-vehicle network. It is the first to successfully develop a series of dot-matrix variable light type, high-power side blower uniform temperature plate lighting and information feedback type car networking intelligent safety car lights. . The research and development results make Leiteng Company reach the pinnacle in the field of LED car lights and become the leader of intelligent safety car lights.

       For many years, Leiteng has provided technical training, channel brand empowerment development and store acquisition programs for many domestic and foreign agent distribution partners. It has fully cooperated with Nissan, Toyota, Wuling, BAIC, Geely, Chery and other automobile manufacturers. The products cover all parts of the country and are exported to America, Europe, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

       Shuntian Xingjian Lei Teng, with virtues and things to take advantage of the momentum! Leiteng Company does not think about its customers, but does not reach its peers. Based on light, wisdom enlightens the future, and illuminates the world with the light of wisdom. All-round forging a more open pattern, a more ecological model, a more harmonious cooperation, and a brighter future!