Outdoor Lighting

      5G communication technology is the cornerstone of smart cities, making the interconnection of all things a reality. The construction of smart cities is the focus of the country's new infrastructure, and it is also an important force in the country's dual-cycle construction. Smart street light poles equipped with 5G base stations have realized the interconnection of industries such as smart lighting, mobile communications, security technology, smart transportation, environmental monitoring, and big data analysis.

      Leiteng's smart street light pole series, urban landscape lighting series and other products have been widely used in China, and have created a large number of classic cases in urban roads, urban gardens, cultural and recreational squares, and public utilities. Through the organic combination of beautification, lighting and greening and the perfect integration of lighting technology and art, it has brought the enjoyment of visual beauty to the city, improved the city's popularity, and became the representative of the city's business card, and it has also become a place for Internet celebrities to check in. After years of development, Leiteng has become an important participant in the design and construction of smart cities.

      Leiteng has cooperated with China Southern Power Grid in the EMC energy-saving mode for many years, providing smart lighting consulting, design and construction solutions for China Construction Fourth Engineering Bureau, Guangzhou Radio Group and many other partners. By enhancing brand awareness, business model innovation and resource integration, the value of all parties in the industry chain is optimized.

      Shuntian Xingjian Lei Teng, with virtues and things to take advantage of the momentum! Leiteng thinks what the customer has not thought, and does what the peers do not reach. Take light as the foundation, wisely enlighten the future, and link the world with the light of wisdom. All-round forging a more open pattern, a more ecological model, a more harmonious cooperation, and a better future!